Leonardo da Vinciís Parachute


Assembly Instructions:

Print the template on page 2 and cut along the solid lines and fold along the dotted lines. Use white glue to glue the parachute into a hollow three dimensional pyramid with four sides (see Leonardoís sketch below). Use a needle to thread a line through one of the 4 designated corner areas. Tie the thread with a double knot creating a loop close to the parachute and extend the thread approximately 9 inches and cut. Repeat this process in the other three corners. Turn the parachute upside down and pull the 4 hanging threads so they are of equal lengths and so that the parachute hangs level, then tie all four threads in a knot. Cut a hole in the area where the two sides of the man meet (by the hands) and slide the knotted thread into the hole. Glue the back of one side of the man and fold the two parts together.


Flight Instructions:
Try both large and small paperclips as weight and see which one works best with the parachute. If the parachute does not work well, make sure that the shape of the pyramid is not distorted.







Parachute Template: