X-Mas eve magic

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X-Mas eve magic

Post by David DeTenyo » Sat Dec 24, 2016 3:40 am

First of all, a merry Xmas to everyone!

We're going to celebrate my grandmothers 90th birthday in Holland so I'll be gone for a few days. Like every year I do a little Xmas magic show, as many others among you do too I believe :)

So, if you'll perform something, what will it be?

I'm doing 2 - 3 tricks at the most, the alcohol makes the attention span of the public pretty short :lol: I've learned to drink AFTER I do the little show or I'd screw up BIG time like a few years ago :shock: :lol:

--> Second Best Card Trick in the world by Collector's Workshop
--> Done With Mirrors
--> Puzzling Chocolate
--> Possibly later in the evening: Cut & Restored dental floss aka Gipsy Thread
--> Possibly at the end of the evening: Sakaku Scale by Tenyo for those who'd like to see another trick (works best if the audience has already had a few glasses :D )
--> back up: mini pompom stick by Alan Wong

Basically the same 'show' I did yesterday (apart from Second Best CTITW) for my 15 - 16 year old students. Done With Mirrors & Puzzling Chocolate were the highlight for them, as was Sakaku Scale that really freaked out some teenage girls :lol:

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